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Facial Aging

February 26th, 2015

It has been said that facial aging can be summarized by referring to the 3 D’s  Descent, Deflation, Deterioration. By descent we mean the sagging of the facial tissue caused by gravity. The treatment for this would be pulling back the tissue to where it was many years earlier via a facelift, necklift, browlift or eyelid lift. By [...] [ Read More ]

The Upper Lip Lift Beverly Hills

January 24th, 2015

The upper lip lift is an excellent procedure for rejuvenating the area between the nose and mouth and producing a more youthful and feminine upper lip. The procedure consists of removing both skin and muscle immediately below the nose and raising the upper lip. Unlike many surgeons who just excise tissue in a horizontal line below the base of the [...] [ Read More ]

Facial Features Of A Man Versus Woman

November 18th, 2014

In this video, the differences between the facial features of a man versus a woman are discussed, as well as the various approaches that are employed to make these changes in a transgendered male who is transitioning to become a female. View popular Cheek Augmentation videos [ Read More ]

De-Rotation of the Nasal Tip

April 2nd, 2014

As a surgeon who does many nasal revisions, I am often asked to correct an overly rotated nose: the so-called “pig’s nose or snout”. It generally results from an over-resection of cartilage at the end of the nasal septum (wall separating the two nasal chambers), but can result from other inappropriate maneuvers, as well. Depending [...] [ Read More ]

Correcting the Bulbous Nasal Tip

August 9th, 2013

By definition, a bulbous tip is one that resembles a “bulb” or appears as a rounded mass. And the two main components that establish this appearance are the structural tip cartilages and the overlying skin. One can have strong or flimsy cartilages as well as thick or thin skin. The most easily corrected combination is [...] [ Read More ]

Post-operative Nasal Irregularities

August 3rd, 2013

In rare instances, an irregularity will develop under the skin following a very successful rhinoplasty.  It usually becomes apparent days or weeks after the procedure as the swelling subsides. In some instances, it is bony in nature and may present as a spicule of bone, resulting from the irritated periosteum (lining over the bridge) or [...] [ Read More ]

Open versus Closed Rhinoplasty

April 2nd, 2013

The difference between an “open” versus a “closed” rhinoplasty is a small (transcolumellar) incision between the nostrils. This incision, when connected to the traditional intranasal incisions within each nostril, allows the skin to be elevated off the underlying framework. This “opens” up the surgical field which has certain benefits, especially when operating on a nose [...] [ Read More ]

Common Misconceptions regarding Nasal Surgery

March 22nd, 2013

Nasal Surgery One of the biggest misconceptions is that just about any nose that you desire can be accomplished with the right surgeon. While it is true that experience, technical expertise and aesthetic judgment  vary among surgeons, there are certain limiting factors that no surgeon can overcome. Chief among these is thickness and quality of [...] [ Read More ]

Fat Transfer to Correct a Surgical Depression

March 13th, 2013

Fat transfer has been used in facial cosmetic surgery for many years to augment the cheeks, lips, temples or naso-labial grooves. It has also been used in more of a reconstructive capacity to fill in areas that may be deficient or depressed following surgical procedures, trauma, facial wasting syndromes or even following steroid injections. The [...] [ Read More ]

Beverly Hills Browlift

February 25th, 2013

Descent of the eyebrows can crowd the upper eyelid space and appear as though an upper eyelid procedure (blepharoplasty) is necessary. Actually, in many instances, both raising the eyebrows (browlift) and a blepharoplasty are performed at the same time. There are several approaches to raising the eyebrows. There is the Direct Browlift which excises skin [...] [ Read More ]