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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills

When To Have Plastic Surgery

I am often asked by my Beverly Hills patients if it is the “right time” to have a certain procedure, or if they have “time to wait”. Certainly, this is a very personal issue and depends on many factors. Having a facial feature that you have never liked, as with a large nose or a receding chin, will never improve with time. So it amounts to deciding on the cost/benfit ratio and if you have the time available to recover. These patients also tend to worry that they may wind up looking worse than before. Consequently, they are torn between their desire for change and the fear of the unknown and tend to procrastinate. To these patients I say that plastic surgery, if done properly by a competent surgeon who understands your goals, will make you look better and will blend harmoniously with your other facial features. Surprisingly, though the result may be quite dramatic to the patient, it is rarely that evident to friends, colleagues and even family, especially if the patient changes their hairstyle, shaves off a moustache or does something else to alter their appearance in another way.
When we consider rejuvenative procedures such as face and neck lifts or eyelid surgery, there are some who think earlier is better and some who think just the opposite. Those who favor the earlier approach argue that the change tends to be less dramatic and, therefore, less obvious. On the other hand, those who favor waiting till it’s unbearable to look in the mirror or uncomfortable to wear tight collars think you get  more “bang for your buck” by waiting. My personal opinion is that you should try to look as good as you can for as long as you can. Since youthful skin has more elastic fibers and better collagen, it tends to re-drape and conform better producing a more rested and healthier appearance. And having a procedure earlier rather than later, allows you to enjoy the benefits for a longer period.