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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Torrance Rhinoplasty Surgery

I recently performed  a difficult rhinoplasty in Torrance, CA which required a constellation of procedures to obtain a perfect result. Firstly, the nasal bones were quite hard and thick.  Because of this, multiple fractures had to be created to narrow the bridge and establish symmetry. Both horizontal and vertical fractures were made in the bones, as well as a horizontal linear fracture along the root of the nose between the eyes. This last fracture was made through a tiny incision in the club or medial portion of the eyebrow. And because of the inherent asymmetry between the top or root of the nose and the base or bottom of the nose, cartilage grafts had to be placed along the side walls of the nose to give the appearance of a midline structure.

Male to Female Facial Enhancement

Before and After Photo

I recently performed a procedure to feminize the upper face of a male to female transsexual. To obtain the correct exposure, a coronal incision is first made. Then the bony ridge over the eyes is burred down using an electric hand drill. Following this, an arch to the eyebrows is created, as with a standard open browlift. Finally, there was filling in and rounding out of a depression over the ridge with methyl methacrylate. Though most patients do not need the synthetic augmentation, occasionally it is necessary to obtain the optimal, more feminine result.