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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

This entry to my blog is more of a public service or “wake-up call” than informational, in an academic sense. I hear so many patients refer to doctors, who have operated on entertainers, as being the ultimate surgeons for that particular procedure. One has only to look at some of the celebrity plastic surgery websites or rating sites, such as RATEMDS.COM, to see that this is pure folly. While most of us, especially in Beverly Hills, have operated on TV, movie, musical and sports personalities, it has always been my understanding and hope that they found me by doing their “due diligence”. Having said that, it is unfortunate that many in the public don’t, but follow in lockstep like lemmings to an unfavorable result.

Facial Injection Using Derma-Sculpt

I have just started using the Derma-Sculpt non-bruising, smooth cannulas (blunt needles) to inject Juvederm. They are truly amazing in that they do not leave any “black & blue” areas that usually result from tearing small blood vessels. As a result, patients can leave the office without the telltale signs of having had a procedure done.

 So for patients who want to look rejuvenated before a big event, but were afraid of having embarrassing facial bruising, this is a great breakthrough. Basically, a small nick is made in the skin with a regular needle, and these special cannulas are then introduced in various directions to accomplish the augmentation.                        

  I am looking  forward to using these cannulas for other fillers like Radiesse.

Mini-Facelift Procedure

I am frequently asked by patients to explain what a “mini-facelift” is. Obviously, this means something different to each surgeon. However, I think it would be logical to assume that a “mini-facelift” is anything short of what the surgeon would do in his “traditional” facelift. This could amount to just doing a rigorous facial procedure without the neck component or something quite minimal like slight skin  undermining and excision, with or without fascial tightening. But it would seem logical to expect that a “mini” procedure will produce a lesser result than the “traditional” procedure.