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Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Facebook Wall

I just set up my professional facebook account under Stephen J. Pincus, M.D., F.A.C.S.

This new account will allow me to share with my facebook friends all of the new and interesting things that are happening in my practice.

Keloid Removal From The Ear

I recently performed reconstructive surgery on a patient who had very large keloids of the ears secondary to ear piercing. Keloids of the ear are fairly common in African American patients, though I have removed keloids and reconstructed ears in Caucasian patients, as well. What distinguishes a keloid from a hypertrophic scar is its extension beyond the area of injury into adjacent areas.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

When looking for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery, it is important to do your homework. This means checking the doctor’s website and various doctor rating sites, speaking to professionals and ex-patients familiar with his work and, finally, having a consultation. While having a prestigious address in Beverly Hills and being affiliated with a University and various societies looks impressive, it is more important that you get a sense that the doctor understands what your goal is and that he can actually carry it out. Even if the doctor has operated on some celebrities, appeared on numerous talk shows or has edited a book on Facial Plastic Surgery (many recent grads seem to be doing that these days), it is important that you get a sense that he can deliver what you specifically expect. And don’t be talked into having a facial procedure, which you have not researched, added on to other procedures which you have. The facial plastic surgeon should be able to go over, in detail, what he would do to reach your endpoint and should be able to show you many “before & after’s” which exemplify his abilities to “walk his talk”.

Minimal Scar Skin Cancer Removal, Beverly Hills

I recently excised an aggressive skin cancer from a patient’s temple. It was complicated by the fact that it was right over a branch of the facial nerve that moves the forehead. Also, because of the limited mobility of the skin in this area, multiple small flaps had to be used to close the defect. Postoperatively, the patient was able to move his forehead, and the “pinwheel flap” produced an excellent closure. I will be posting the final result at a later date.

Rhinoplasty With Stephen Pincus, MD | American Health Journal

Recently came across a video, which was brought to my attention by a patient, which was made many years ago while a consultant for The Morrow Institute. Despite it being several years old, I think many of the points I bring out are quite relevant, so I thought I’d share it. Click on the link below or on the image to view the video.

Rhinoplasty With Stephen Pincus, MD | American Health Journal.

Minimal Rhinoplasty Procedure

The Subtle or Minimal Rhinoplasty

I see many patients who, for the most part, are satisfied with the way their nose looks, but wish it could be changed ever so slightly. This might mean a minimal upward rotation or a little narrowing of the tip. But, due to the subtle nature of the change, many will “leave well enough alone” for fear that something could go wrong and they would actually look worse. On the other hand, many patients feel that the change is so minimal as to not warrant a surgical procedure with its associated costs and downtime. In actuality, these procedures are fairly predictable, easily performed and with minimal costs and downtime. And given the fact that a little “tweak” can sometimes have a dramatic effect on the perception of beauty, it is well worth the time and expense.

A typical example of a Minimal Rhinoplasty can be viewed here


Less Bruising For Facial Injectables

I have just started using the Derma-Sculpt non-bruising, smooth cannulas (blunt needles) to inject Juvederm. They are truly amazing in that they do not leave any “black & blue” areas that usually result from tearing small blood vessels. As a result, patients can leave the office without the telltale signs of having had a procedure done.

So for patients who want to look rejuvenated before a big event, but were afraid of having embarrassing facial bruising, this is a great breakthrough. Basically, a small nick is made in the skin with a regular needle, and these special cannulas are then introduced in various directions to accomplish the augmentation. I am looking  forward to using these cannulas for other fillers like Radiesse.