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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Unsuccessful, “Successful” Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills

We constantly see celebrities who suddenly look different with telltale signs of having had some plastic surgical procedure. And though the procedure may have been executed successfully, from a technical standpoint, the final aesthetic result is “off”. In many cases they look younger, but not necessarily better. And, on the other hand, in many cases they look older, though their face may appear tighter. There are many characteristics that contribute to a youthful, beautiful face. In some facelift techniques, the face appears narrower, though smoother. Since youthful faces are generally fuller, such a result would be unwelcomed and detract from the overall effect. Also, eyelid surgery that produces a “high fashion” hollowing out of the upper eyelid space may also be a questionable improvement, since youthful eyes are usually fuller in this region. And browlifting, unless performed conservatively with the difference between male & female aesthetics kept in mind, may look “odd” or inappropriate. Finally, various lip procedures may change a characteristic pout or contour into something less attractive.

So it is important for the surgeon to recognize all of these subtleties when doing these surgeries, to produce a result that makes the patient look better—not different.

Pinwheel Flap Repair After Resection

In my blog posting on 11 September 2011, I presented photos of an extensive cancer resection which was reconstructed using a “pinwheel flap”. I am presenting a follow-up photo , approximately five months after the surgery, which shows a barely perceptible scar with hair growing through the flaps. The hair has been pulled away to demonstrate the result.