MALE FACIAL FEMINIZATION BY DR. STEPHEN PINCUS So many aspects of the face suggest either a masculine or more feminine appearance. Dr. Stephen Pincus understands the importance of creating a natural result with facial feminization surgery, and he has dedicated much of his practice to meeting the needs of his transgender patients. Over the [...]

Laryngeal, Chin and Jawline


 Laryngeal, Chin and Jawline A prominent Adam's apple is a very masculine feature and, consequently, its reduction is one of the first surgical procedures sought in patient's transitioning from male to female. The laryngeal shave reduces this most prominent part of the laryngeal cartilage (Adam's apple). Since the trachea has no prominences, but is the [...]

Facelift, Cheek and Hair


Facelift, Cheek and Hair Though not a facial feminization procedure, this operation will make a person look younger and healthier, which contributes to the overall improvement seen with the facial feminization surgery. Additionally, since many men age more in the area under the jawline versus the usual facial laxity and wrinkling that women experience [...]

Forehead and Browlift


Forehead Feminization Male foreheads differ from female foreheads by having a bony prominence (supra-orbital ridge or brow bone) over the eyebrows. In other words, the bone over the eye sockets projects farther forward than the bone in female foreheads. Additionally, the forehead above this prominence is usually flatter or occasionally tilted backwards compared to [...]

Rhinoplasty and Lips


Rhinoplasty and Lips Feminizing Rhinoplasty in MtF TS patients It is important to understand the difference between a male nose versus a female nose when attempting a feminizing procedure. Additionally, the angle between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip is made more obtuse (95-110 degrees) and the tip is made more [...]

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