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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Educational Segment Teenage Plastic Surgery

Presently looking for a teenager who is interested in getting facial plastic surgery for an educational segment on TV.

Forward all inquiries with info to: sjp@drstephenpincus.com

Laryngeal Shave in Beverly Hills

I recently performed a laryngeal shave, on a male to female transsexual patient (MtF TS), who was very self-conscious of the large, unfeminine protrusion in the front of her neck. The male larynx is not only bigger than the female larynx, but the angle of the front cartilages forms a 90 degree keel-shaped prominence (Adam’s apple). In contrast, the female larynx is smaller with a flatter 120 degree angle. During their transition, most MtF TS patients have reduction of their Adam’s apple to help eliminate the appearance of a masculine neck.

Nose Expert Article in Genlux

Fall Fashion 2011 issue, expert opinion page from the current issue of GENLUX

For more info visit drstephenpincus.com

Facial Surgery Article in Genlux Magazine

I was pleased to see an article by me, that appears on page 120, of the recently published Fall Fashion 2011 issue of Genlux magazine.  It is somewhat brief, but I discuss why nasal surgery is different and more technically challenging than other types of facial surgery. I will be posting this article in the near future.