What To Expect During a Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Stephen Pincus is a skilled facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA, who can provide high-quality facelifts and other types of surgeries. He’s skilled in many different capabilities and fully understands the unique demands of multiple surgery types. If you’re interested in a facelift with us, here’s what your initial appointment will include.

Discussing Important Topics

 The first step of any face surgery assessment is to help you better understand this surgery and gauge your readiness for it. For example, we’ll discuss previous medical treatments you may have had, including past facelifts that might complicate your recovery time. 

We’ll also want you to list any vitamins, herbal supplements, and medications you’re taking. Are you a regular drinker or smoker? Let us know because this could complicate your recovery. During these initial steps, we’re basically getting to know you to ensure you're suitable for this surgery.

Health Evaluations

 After talking with you about your basic needs and figuring out what options work best for you, our team will provide you with a health evaluation to ensure you’re ready for this process. Our goal is to provide the high-quality experience that you deserve without potentially putting you at risk. Just a few steps we’ll take include:

  • Evaluating your general health through a variety of tests 
  • Identifying potential health conditions or risk factors that may complicate surgery, like smoking 
  • Highlight different facelift options that probably make the most sense for your health 
  • Measure your face to get an idea of its overall shape and size before surgery 
  • Take multiple photographs of your face and examine them for planning purposes
  • Identify a course of treatment that we think will suit you the best 
  • Discuss outcomes you can expect and any potential complications you might experience 
  • Help you choose anesthesia before the surgery to ensure you’re comfortable

 Once Dr. Pincus is done handling these evaluations, he can discuss your surgical procedure with you to ensure you understand it properly. As one of the most trusted facial plastic surgeon options in Beverly Hills, CA, we take our reputation seriously. Just as importantly, we focus on providing quality work that meets your needs and which improves your facial health.

Get Help Today

 With the help of Dr. Pincus, you can work with a facial plastic surgeon that Beverly Hills, CA, trusts to handle its facelifts and other surgeries. When you call us at 310-271-7070, our team will sit down with you, examine what kind of procedure makes sense for you, and ensure that you’re prepared for the unique challenges of this process. We look forward to working with you.

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