Though many facelifts are performed in Beverly Hills, the percentage of those that would be considered “excellent” or even “good” is not as high as one would expect. But rather than going into why this is the case, I would like to discuss what constitutes an excellent result. It goes without saying that there should be no serious complications, such as permanent sensory or motor nerve injury or loss of skin with resultant scarring. The result should make you look younger and refreshed. In many instances, colleagues at work will comment that you “look good” or “well rested” and that maybe you should take more “vacations”, like the one they think you just returned from. It should not look like you recently had surgery! The incisions should be imperceptible or well hidden. There should be no distortion of your features, like the corners of the mouth or eyes or the ears. There should be no significant asymmetries between the two sides of the face, and improvement in the face should be matched by a similar improvement in the neck. Finally, there should be no “lumps” or “depressions” following the surgery, nor should there be localized discolorations or edema, suggestive of damage to the vascular or lymphatic networks under the skin.

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