It has been said that facial aging can be summarized by referring to the 3 D’s Descent, Deflation, Deterioration.

By descent we mean the sagging of the facial tissue caused by gravity. The treatment for this would be pulling back the tissue to where it was many years earlier via a facelift, necklift, browlift or eyelid lift. By deflation we mean the gradual atrophy of the fatty tissue in the face, which had given it the attractive fullness… characteristic of youth. To reverse this, we transfer fat from another part of the body to areas of the face that are deficient. In some cases, we can even use synthetic implants.

By deterioration, we mean the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin and the general degradation that we see from aging and exposure to the elements. The treatment for this is re­surfacing via laser, dermabrasion or chemical peels, and appropriate maintenance with moisturizers, sunblocks and other topical creams such as retin­A and the alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid.

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