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Category: Otoplasty

Elf Ear Enhancement

 Elf Ears
There is a growing fad, of late, to produce elfin ears which are reminiscent of characters in Star Trek or Lord of the Rings. It appears to involve cutting the rim of the ear and sewing the edges of cut cartilage together to form a point. While it is true that trying to re-establish the exact pre-elfin ear is unlikely, if the person has “buyer’s remorse” following the surgery, it is still possible to produce a more normal, though smaller, ear by excising this area subsequently.

Another consideration which the prospective elf-to-be should consider is the possibility of chronic inflammation or infection of the cartilage. This is true because of the rather poor blood supply to cartilage and the fact that these operations seem to be performed primarily by non-physicians. Since most fads which produce a “cool, in” sub-culture become less stylish over time, it would be wise to pick one that wasn’t risky or didn’t leave a deformity when the “cool, in” crowd moved on to something else.